Our planning of the technical solution is based on comprehensive experience from many projects realised



The set-up of the discussion units will be planned using customers seating-plan.
The routing of the cable chain requires careful attention, allowing the service crew maximum control later on. The cabling concept is scribbled into the seating-drawing  - see left side.






CRN Menue kl




The CRN Menue offers the control of all discussion units set up in the conference room, indicating the activ units.
A talking speaker´s unit indicates green on the menue, 
a stand-by unit indicates red.

The operator has full control on all hardware units
installed at the conference.











After completion of cable planning the service crew dismantles the hardware, such as IR-receiver, discussion units, central conrol unit CCU, IR-transmitter, IR-radiators. The image left shows the activities in front of the interpreter booths. Into each booth is two NG Interpreter Desk DCN_IDESK will be set-up and configured. Two interpreters will share one booth. The interpreter desks are manufactured by Bosch.

A large number of interpretation hardware we rewceived
from our Rental partner : 
Ellerbrock Konferenztechnik







Using the set-up plans compiled during the hardware set-up, and sitting at the corner of the conference hall behind the congress partisipants on some higher level, next to the interpreter booths with view to the interpreters, the crew has very good view and over all control of the congress running in front of them.








DCN Audio Recording


Audio Recording during Conference


Often customers require recording of the discussions held during the conference.

The  sophisticated Bosch interpreter systems allows audio recording od all interpreter language channels, see the software menue lft side, where fully control of the audio quality is provided.



For abroad projects the trucking to the location requires collection and delivery from the airport, following airfreight shipment . Usually the client organizes the collection from the airport, one the basis of the AirWay Bill, which receives


For the logistics it is required to work with reliable and well-known logistic companies


For save shipping it is required to use pallets, where all cases are well fixed and dokumented on AWB AirWayBills