2nd Hand Equipment

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Interpretation Equipment & Conference Equipment 2nd-hand


2nd interpretation hardware and conference equipment from Philips & Bosch would be an alternative to obtain a required system, if a limited budget is available for investment.

This hardware is still very common in use world-wide

In the following the major units are isted, such as central-control unit, IR transmitter, audio conrol unit, discussion unit, interpreter desk and IR receiver.

All 2nd hand equipment would be fully tested from our technician prior shipment.







ccu central control unit2



Central Control  Unit (CCU)  LBB3500


The Central Control  Unit (CCU)  LBB3500 from Philips controls up to 240 discussion units,

It is a digital units and is part of the wellknown DCN family.,worldwide famous system

The CCU covers the control microphones and all  interpretation  aspects.

A Demonstration Video provides more information



 lbb3420 ir transmitter front view k



IR Transmitter Philips LBB 3420


The IR Transmitter LBB 3420  from Philips is an analogue systems

The basic unit has 4 channels.With insertion of extra  channel modules LBB3421,
the transmitter is extendible to output 4, 8 ,12  or 16 Channels on the coax outputs, which will be connected with a number of IR radiators.

More Information is provided with the Demonstration Video







 lbb 302100 philips




IR Infra Red Radiator LBB3021 /00 High Power


The High Power IR Infra Red Radiator LBB3021/00 from Philips receives the interpretation channels transmitted from the LBB3420 and distributes the IR field in the conference hall.

Several of those need to be set-up depend on the size of the conference room.
The minimum would be two on both sides of the room. Larger halls require 4, 6, or 8 radiators, which will be connected via normal coax /BNC cabling, looping through each unit, in and out of each radiator.. More information see Demonstration Video




 interpreter desk lbb3520


Interpreter Desk Philips LBB3520


The Philips / Bosch LBB3520 interpreter unit  allows to handle up to 15 language channels

The design of the desk is clearly laid out, hence very easy to be operated by interpeters.

 Required is a good quality head-set. The head-phone,shown is a Beyerdynamic

type DT 394. Alternatively the head-set type from:Sennheiser HME 45-6 can be recommended

More information with  Demonstration Video 




lbb3551 discussion desk


Delegate Unit LBB 3551/00 Philips


The Delegate Unit LBB 3551/00 from Philips hat channel-select for the number of languages being used during the conference allowing each participant to select his own language.

The design is clearly arranged and allows easy operation.

Also included are 5 voting keys in case a voting system is being installed during the conference.,

The unit has two headphone inputs, allowing two participants to be connected sharing one delegate unit.





lbb343410 ir receiver 500



Receiver Philips LBB3434/10 analogue


The analogue IR Receiver from Philips type LBB3434/10 have 16 language channels

The work with 2 x dry battery AA 1,5 V to beinserted.

For more information details see Demonstration Video







Philips CCS800



Discussion System Philips CCS800

 The CCS800 shown left side is one of the first discussion system introduced by Philips. It is still on use on many sites.