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Analyse the clients needs Analyse the clients needs

 - we clarify the requirements: rental or sales? event-details, such as – location, number of participants, number of languages, the clients budget

We compile the equipment package 

- a detailled quotation will be put together, containing the number of interpreter-booths, the number of interpreter desks, discussion system and the number of units, central control unit, transmitter, number of Infra Red (IR) – radiators, number of IR-receivers and head-phones

We submit the quotation 

- the sales or rental pricing depend on the hardware offered, e.g. the latest system from Bosch, Philips, Sennheiser or a 2nd hand hardware, following a draft planning compilation of all materials required such as cabling and fixing the hardware for set-up, the shipping costs, the number of technicians to be sent for set-up, training your crew and for support the event 

Order confirmation and preparation 

- following receipt of the order, the equipment and material will be put together in suitable casing to allow shipment on pallets and prepare the required documentation for export / import, customs declarations etc.

Detailled planning 

- compilation of drawings, procure drawings of the location and the clients plans how to arrange the seating of the participants, compile the plans how equipment is to be distributed over the conference hall and how cabling is to be realized, compile lists of all required supporting materials for the event set-up,  

Carry out shipment

- initiate the shipment, book the flight for the technician crew, coordinate the timescales with the client, coordinate timesclaes with shipment carrier,