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Interpretation & Conference System Bosch DCN ( Digital Congress Network)

The DCN interpretation equipment from BOSCH comply with the highest standard for international congresses. From small groups up to very large congresses with many people and languages, it is in use worldwide The fully digital DCN interpretation NG system from Philips/ Bosch integrates additionally to the basic interpretation functions various add-ons. The infra-red technology adapted is the first fully digital audio transmission system offering HiFi-quality. This system is called Integrus and works in  much higher frequency-bands than other interpretation systems. Interferences coursed from room lighting systems and sunshine, known with most analogue interpreter equipment systems don't occure using DCN technology.

If you want to invest in a conference and / or interpretation system, and want to receive a price quotation, let us know your requirement, such as
- how many participants shall listen? -> defines the number of IR receivers required
- how many participants need to be envolved with questioneering?  
  ->  defines the number of discussion units for podium and / or audience area required
- how many languages will be spoken during conference  ->  defines number of language channels and number of interpreter booths required
- is an extra PA (Public Acoustic) system required? ....if not installed at the location

In case you contact us, please include your telephone contact and address, and possibly the conference location 


Berlin Conference1

DCN Interpretation Equipment for International Conferences

At the Libyan Conference January 2020 in Berlin – see picture at the left - the Bosch DCN discussion units were in use, providing the politicians at the conference the possibility for spontaneous answer any question in their own language while interpreter in the background provide the translations for all languages.
Interpreter for each language sit in interpreter booths and provide the translation for each language talking into DCN Interpreter Desks.
The DCN Interpretation System is worldwide very common in use at important international conference sites.






DICENTIS family1

Dicentis Discussion Family

DICENTIS takes advantage of existing IP infrastructure and utilizing PoE. The new language selector integrates seamlessly with the DICENTIS Conference System platform, which is based on the powerful OMNEO* media networking architecture. Once connected, it automatically adopts the DICENTIS interpretation settings, ensuring efficient routing of the selected language. This is achieved instantly and requires no extra configuration or system restart.

All DICENTIS Conference System devices can be easily combined in one system solution. Active conference participants can use the Discussion device with language selector, the Discussion device with touchscreen, or the Multimedia device - see image left at botton right - to select their preferred language. Passive listeners can follow meeting proceedings on the Flush language selector in the language of their choice. Up to 100 interpreter-provided languages are supported, streamed from the DICENTIS Interpreter desk via an IP network.

DICENTIS language selector

Flush language selector   

 Additional design features utilize the latest technology to ensure a positive user experience. Touch buttons add to the streamlined look and feel of the device. The language selection functionality is only visible when a headphone is connected and when interpretation languages are available. The bright screen automatically switches off seconds after use.

Finished in black, the Flush language selector has a sleek form factor that will complement any interior, making it ideal for both modern and historic conference locations. An invisible mounting system adds to its aesthetic refinement. It shares the same installation footprint and layout as the renowned DCN Flush range from Bosch, allowing it to easily replace the DCN-FCS Flush channel selector without any further rework of the conference location.

The DICENTIS Flush language selector will be available worldwide from April 2020 onwards.

*About OMNEO

OMNEO is an architectural approach to connecting devices which need to exchange information such as audio content or device control. Built upon multiple technologies, including IP and open public standards, OMNEO supports the technologies of today – such as Audinate’s DanteTM – while adopting the standards of tomorrow. OMNEO offers a professional-grade media networking solution that provides interoperability, unique features for easier installation, better performance, and greater scalability than any other IP offering on the market.


Discussion Desk DCN DISDCS D


 Discussion Desk DCN-DISDCS-D


The DCN discussion system, combinable with DCN interpretation, allow a large amount of table top units to be connected one after the other for long table rows. , offering various operation modes, and can be tailored easily to the conference requirements. The units have built-in sound, hence the conference could be run without an extra loudspeaker system 

Demonstration Video








NG Interpreter Desk DCN IDESK

NG Interpreter Desk DCN_IDESK

The NG-interpreter desk was developped by Bosch in close cooperation with interpreters. The standard menus of the desk can be operated intuitively and the layout of the controls suit to the required functions. Optionally to the goose-neck microphone a seperate head-set can be used..


DCNIDESK buttonThe side view of the desk shows the sockets for connection and the top view with the controls


 Demonstration Video




Integrus Radiator LBB 4511 LBB4512




 Integrus Radiator LBB 4511 / LBB4512

 The Radiator receives as input the signal from the Transmitter Unit is via a coax cable

Two sizes of hardware are possible:
LBB 4511/00 covers up to 1300 m2 (one carrier, 4 standard quality channels)
LBB 4512/00 covers up to 2600 m2 (one carrier, 4 standard quality channels)
Automatic gain control ensures the IREDs (infrared emitting diodes) function with maximum efficiency
Power output selection for efficiency and economy
Safety eye

Demonstration Video





INT TX Transmitter


INT-TX04 -TX08, TX16 TX32 - Transmitter with 4 up to 32 channel


4-channel Infrared transmitter, with optical link, digital audio transmission,for analogue and digital Inputsignals, integrated mini IR-radiator, elegant 19“ (2U) case, for use as table top or buit-in, allows connection of DCN, CCS 800 Ultro ( with LBB 3423/20 or LBB 3422/20, simple configuration via turn and pressing the control knob, universal power suppy for worldwide use. A demonstration video clip can be started for further information:

Klick on Transmitter Video to start



Integrus Receiver New logo


IR-InfraRed  DCN Receiver Bosch LBB3440
with Digital Head-Phone Bosch LBB3443

The IR Receivers with digital audiotransmission are available
with different number of channels:
the LBB3440/04 with 4 Channel,
the LBB3440/08 with  8 Channel,
the LBB3440/16 with 16 Channel  and
the LBB3440/32 with 32 Channel.
The duration with Alkalibattery (2AA) is approx 200 hours, with rechargable battery (NiMH) approx. 75 hours, integrated charge electonic







The CCU – Central Control Unit in modern design controls up to 245 discussion for a simple discussion conference in one language. As a interpretation system the CCU controls also the interpreter desks and output the up to 32 audio channels in highest audio quality to the IR Transmitter (InfraRed) and the Audio-Interface for possible recording of the translated languages.

Video DCN CCU LBB4100