Preparation of the Project incl Transport requires professional casing 

African Union Summit3


Following the order from a client for a conference system, the hardware is to be listed and defined to allow compilation of the customs paperwork, which will be prepared from the shipment company in form of a AWB, prior the shipment..

The AWB (AirWay Bill) defines the packages, number of pallets including the contents, number of cases, their weights and values.

The valuable hardware requires professional casing to ensure safe shipment - see exsample left.

The picture at the left shows the hardware packed in transport-cases on pallets, put together for shipment preparation at the courtyard of a client, following disconnection and packing after completion of  the "African Unnion Summit" meeting 2015 held in Rwanda.  



For the logistics it is required to work with reliable and well-known logistic companies


For save shipping it is required to use pallets, where all cases are well fixed and dokumented on AWB AirWayBills